John S. Capers, in Camp, 7th Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry, Holcombe Legion, to Betty (Elizabeth R. Braxton). 1863 November 30

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                               Camp Cavalry Holcombe Legion

                               November 30th 1863.


Miss Betty


                   In consequence of recent

orders from Richmond, and other indications

of hostile movements soon, it will be imposs-

ible to comply with your kind suggestions

relative to our recently contemplated Tour-

nament &c.  Allow me to say, I share very

largely in the disappointment occasioned

& especially after the evidences of interest

manifested by our Most valued friends.

It is scarcely necessary to say the "movements"

referred to are likely to afford us sufficient

Equestrian Exercise of a different nature

to at least afford a painful contrast to

our recent bright anticipations.


                The Col and self

will accept with pleasure your kind

invitation to "Ingleside."  Should we be in

receipt of other implied favors. We will at

least allow nothing to interfere with this

save the most imperative necessity.

With kindest remembrances to all friends

and feelings of sincere regard.  I remain

                       Your friend

                           Jno. S. Capers.