John S. Capers, at Camp Elzey, Virginia, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1864 February 6-8

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                      Camp "Elzey," Va. Feby 6th 1864


               Were it possible to feel any

other emotion than gratification & pleasure

at the reception of your letter, I might be temp-

-ted to demur to all such queries as arise in it,

implying as they do, such strong doubts of my

appreciativeness, and that I may not in future give

cause for such unnecessary suspicions.  allow me

to say that if to you, your letter seemed "prolix or

prosy" then for my sake never be otherwise. 


If your pen naturally inclines to a too free use

of itself pray place no restraint on it.  Nor

consider it perverse.  If instead of the app-

-lication intended for myself – You do not find it

a wearisome task to reply to my prosy productions

please let me still have the benefit of those words

and sentiments which are capable of creating such

sincere pleasure.


If these horrible conventionalities did not here in-

-terpose such a frowning voice, I could thank

you for so kindly remembering me in such