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a way as would at least bring a smile to your lips.

Mine is an ardent temperament, & rather impulsive.

What is felt. I like to express. & when said, it

comes, however crudely, right from the heart.

It is no small satisfaction to me I assure you,

to feel that I possess your esteem, and particularly

has the pleasure been enhanced by the evidences I

have recently had of it. – You should, only, never

suppose me so incapable of appreciating the

beautiful, - the sensible – the elegant as to find

a single objection to the delicate little mission

recently received. – I must confess that to my

mind, all seemed, "au fait," and had I been called

on to pronounce seperately on each feature of it,

I could only have said, the same thing.


I think I see you smile as you peruse this,

and say, Well! really Mr [C?]. is very extrava-

-gant! – If it seems to you, rather an

extensive eulogy on so trivial a matter as

letter writing, let me say, it is elicited by

your too unjust concern of what, to me seemed

"par excellence" a specimen of epistolary style.