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Then do not again. even insinuate a poss-

ibilty of your epistles containing faults,

else, I shall be deterred from even making

another attempt myself. – As it is, comparisons.

render me almost ashamed of my own efforts.

But a truce to apologies, - and let us proceed

to something more agreable.


                            An interruption just now

for which I am not responsible, renders it im-

-possible for me to continue the thoughts suggested

in the promises. – In the midst of my letter,

a sudden hubbub in Camp, accompanied by

the shrill blast of the bugle, summoning us to

the Saddle, apprises us of "Something in the

Wind."  Hastily I repair to Headquarters,

to receive the delightful inteligences that our

quondam friends, - the Yankees, visited our

prickets at New Kent CH. this evening, sending

them in hot haste, to herald their approach &

give us greeting!  We pomptly respond to

their urgent demands by immediately forwarding

the Squadron, to Bottoms Bridge, - in front