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of whose narrow and dark little stream,

are frowning immense breastworks – Most

fortunately completed by an industrious labor

to-day. – Little did I think as I took my

willing turn at the Spade or Shovel, and add

-ed my mite of assistance to its completion,

how soon we would be called on to con-

-gratulate ourselves on our efforts, and found

protection in it. – While our first lessons

in the "Manual Labor" school, render us

strong advocates, of all, similar institutions

in future. – Our little band is small –

a mere handful comparatively. Yet each

breast beats with an ardor so great, - a

patriotism so strong, that they possess an

equal advantage with the foe, and we feel

that "the battle is not to the strong alone,"

& while they are in the trenches & anxiously wait

-ing the appearance of the boaster foe, I turn

to the more delightful task of completing a

letter to your self. – while a few moments,

are allowed me, before I join them. –