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Monday Evening. 8th


                    Were I not possessed of

the perseverance of Job (!) I would have ab-

andoned this attempt in despair ere this, and

consigned, it to the flames, - for just as my

thoughts, which had been rather unceremoniously

broken by the circumstances allowed to, had

recovered sufficiently for me to resume my

subject.  Up dashes another courier with

information which very decidedly compelled

an abandonment of every thing else, - and an

immediate ride to Bottoms Bridge, - (time

2- a m) A few moments more & we

were there – A few hours more, and the dark-

-ness which had been impenetrable, gradually gave

way, before the grey mists of dawn, and as it

slowly grew brighter, and we shivered in the

cold air, damp with rain. – one by one in

the distance could we see mounted forms, deploy-

-ing in our front. – The first decided light

of day put them in motion, and a long dark

column came riding. gaily & briskly toward us.