John S. Capers, at Camp Elzey, Virginia, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1864 February 6-8

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at least for a time from similar excursions.

As it is however, we may congratulate ourselves,

and must acknowledge the assistance of an

all wise Providence. – As usual, the Sabbath

was selected for their nefarious schemes.

Their loss was considerable! – Not a hair

of our heads was injured!


I hope I may be pardoned for thus entering

into details which may prove irksome & unin-

-teresting, but the hope of correcting impressions

which may arise from the erroneous reports of

the Press induces it – as well as to excuse

the erratic style of my epistle. – and I

trust you will also take into consideration

the scarcity, both of time and material,

which to a Soldier are like "Angels visits. "


I do not like to close with an apology,

after my rather extensive disquisition on

the subject, but, I would simply ask you,

Be like yourself! Kind – lenient, indulgent!

and believe me, ever with feelings of the

sincerest regard to be

                            Your friend,

                                        Jno S. Capers.