John S. Capers, in camp near McClellands Bridge, Chickahominy River, to Bettie Braxton, at Ingleside. 1864 May 25

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                 Camp near McClellands Bridge

                 Chickahominy River May 25th 1864.


                I can scarcely realize that so

long a time has elapsed which has been

fraught with events so important and which

has introduced me to scenes even new to

my long experence.  Since I last heard from my friends Nor could I possibly

realize it were it not for the long separation

from my friends of Ingleside, which is its

direct result.  Could wishing have accomp-

-lished anything, I am sure that the evils

which have surrounded the bright neighborhood

of Old Church would never have been felt.

You have been called on to pass through

another severe ordeal from that I can

learn.  Even worse than any preceding one.

and this in comparison with the position I

have occupied is far more trying & severe.

Indeed a Soldier has comparatively an easy time

to those who are subject to the merciless and

cruel atrocities of such a vandal foe. -