John S. Capers, in camp near McClellands Bridge, Chickahominy River, to Bettie Braxton, at Ingleside. 1864 May 25

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is executed is one you could appreciate.

Were I a Poet I might paint it in glowing

colors. – As it is my prosy pen would fail

to do it justice. – It is though the most lonly

place ever occupied as a camp.  Notwithstan-

-ding the close proximity of the dreary &

ugly Chickahominy.  My position as I

write might not impress you a so elegant.

The attitude decidedly reverential (fit posi-

-tion for so worthy an object or occupation) though not the

most comfortable. with a great deal of assistance

borrow from a very diminutive piece of candle

rendering the attempt rather a difficult one. 

Under the circumstances I deem an excuse

unnecessary for the appearance, imparted to

my note by extreme haste.


Please give my warmest regards to Ingleside

individually & collectively, - and I will say

"My General" particularly, to whom you

will please say that a return to duty will

ensue as soon as circumstances will allow.

With continued esteem I remain

                          Sincerely our friend

                                  Jno. S. Capers


Miss Bettie Braxton.