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             July 18th 1864.


         I can not allow So

favorable an opportunity to pass without

letting my friends at Ingleside know that

"altho' absent they are not forgotten."  and

especially as it may seem strange to some

of them that others have privileges which are

denied me, & as some of my friends have

recently been enjoying the delightful pleasure

of visits which would have been so appreciated

by myself.  I have listened with the

greatest delight to Thompsons descriptions of

his visits at "Old Church" & have sighed

to feel myself deprived of the same plea-

-sant privileges.  You may imagine that

one so interested as I, would take pecu-

-liar delight in all that concerned friends

so dear and you will appreciate my

efforts and inclination to visit your

delightful vicinity.  I am sure when you

know how strong & earnest that have been.