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I would be the best friend if possible.


                         I had determined

several months ago, when the Enclosed

card was obtained, to deliver it in person

and to remind you that in connection with

it was a small wager which having

fairly won Entitled me to Something

very sweet.  Had you won the forfeit would

have been this Card. – Now I consider

my claims doubly established, and inform

you that they will be vigorously and

unremittingly prosecuted until obtained.

If necessary. the assistance of my fair ally

Miss Va. will be called and surely with such

potent help you will not attempt a defence.


                  Please let me know how

charming Ingleside stands the ravages of a

cruel & wanton foe.  Has every shrub & flower

been destroyed? or does it still bloom in all

that beauty & fragrances which rendered each

visit of mine so enchanting.


Give my very best love to Miss Va. and as

my Ears are at a Sufficiently respectful distance

not to suffer for my impertinence, please

give her the kiss denied me so long ago

as a special present from Col S. – and by

way of revenge for the disappointment. –

add a dozen for myself. –

With kindest remembrances to all I remain

                             Sincerely Your friend.

                                      Jno. S Capers.


[the following 2 lines bracketed:

Miss Bettie Braxton.