John S. Capers, at Headquarters, 7th South Carolina Cavalry, to Elizabeth R. Braxton, at Ingleside. 1864 December 9

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Head Quarters 7th So Ca Cavalry

Decr 9th 1864.


               I am not at all inclined to let

my friend Lt M.- leave camp for Old Church

without a single line to say why I too do not

accompany him, and especially as I had intended

doing so fully.  I can only explain it by saying

that it has been determined by "the Powers that

be" that such important personages as he

& myself (!) can not be spared from the command

at the same time.  (Do you not congratulate me

on my accession to such importance?)

and consequently this fact precludes the

possibility of all such arrangements.

The Lieut is intrusted with messages.

I hope he will prove more faithful in

their delivery than does friend T. usually.

I need not say the disappointment is

a great one. – You can sympathize with

me perhaps in my loneliness.  And when

you are told how peculiarly unfortunate

I have been you will certainly condole

with me.  (Ask the Lt. to describe the

grand conflagration in camp this a m.

in which I became principal suffered)