John S. Capers, at Headquarters, 7th South Carolina Cavalry, to Elizabeth R. Braxton, at Ingleside. 1864 December 9

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Since commencing my note, the mail

has very kindly deposited a letter for

me from home, and on perusal I find

a message for you from Mary.

She say's – "Love to Miss Bettie, & tell her

I wish she would send me word, who is

your favorite among the ladies, for I am

exceedingly jealous of your love and am

afraid that whoever steals your heart from

me, will have to be an Angel ere I can

love her."  I intend replying that it will

not be difficult to find an angel in such an

Eden, as I sometimes find, & still less difficult

to have my heart stolen, where so much is brought

to bear upon its unprotected condition. – She therefore

must enter her protest in the form of selection of

some or rather one of the numerous charming friends

I have so often described, and then if her se-

-lection accords with my predilections, I

have no doubt of being able to make some

very gratifying attempts.


But! the Lt. is losing time and patience!

I hope to be able soon to conclude the messages

in my letter by delivering them in person.


                    Truly Your friend.

                         Jno S. Capers