Mary W. Capers, at Camden, South Carolina, to Elizabeth Randolph Braxton, at Ingleside, Virginia. 1865 March 10

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friendly eye;  do you really think

that my second determination in

regard to the photograph was not

as good as the first? had I have

acted under the impulse of the

moment and granted your request,

would it have been, think you as

convincing a proof of its value to

me and my love for the original?

I think not and am glad that

you did not add other entreaties

to those already urged for it is

hard to resist such eloquent pleading.


And, so Bro' Johnie has become

quite a teaze!  I do sincerely wish

I could aid you in your determined

revenge by telling you something

to teaze him about, but I think

you will find it almost impossible