Mary W. Capers, at Camden, South Carolina, to Elizabeth Randolph Braxton, at Ingleside, Virginia. 1865 March 10

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to excite his curiosity in the

slightest degree: ask him which of

his lady friends I think his favorite;

and what I dreamt of her:

tell me, please who writes him

(but I would rather know to whom

he writes "sentimental notes": have

I sufficient cause for being jealous of

her?  Do, Miss Bettie take good

care of my precious brother for me

and I will love you oh! so hard: such

a request is, I know unnecessary for

your own warm heart ever prompts

you to deeds of kindness to every

southern soldier and I have yet

to thank you sufficiently for

kindness already shown him,

but I wish to commit him

to your especial care and I

can then feel better satisfied,