John S. Capers, in Camp, 7th South Carolina Cavalry, to Bettie Braxton. 1865 April 1

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              Camp 7th SC Cavalry  April 1,1865.


            I hope Miss Bettie has a lenient

ear ready for the excuses I must offer for

so long a silence after the reception of her

note of welcome, which was received by me

fifteen days after date, on my arrival in

Camp. – if instead however a frown begins

to gather on your [brow?] and a determined

spirit still insists on punishment I must

try the conciliatory – as skillfully as possible

and beg my dear friend not to drop me

from her list because I have been unfortun-

-ate. – (Now what follows you must believe

implicitly)  My duties have been so much

interfered with by thoughts of Ingleside and

wishes and desires that I have scarcely been

able to do any thing as I should. -

First came the secret little note, welcoming

me back to Camp, and to good old Va.

Ah! if you could only have seen and heard

the result of that perusal, your Ears would

have burned for many an hour after.

How bright the countenance became as those

Kind generous words came before the eyes,

how the heart swelled with the deepest

and sincerest emotions of pleasure,

and finally how many times your

name was coupled with terms which

would have vied with the originator of

elegant supulating. – Yes! Miss Bettie how

Emphatically occupied, a great many sweet


[Marginalia -Left side of page]

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and believe me. although I speak so fistingly. I have too [sincere?] and

Earnest an appreciation of the situation alluded to not to try & secure

it for myself []. – with renewed thanks for your sweet little note.

[continues on pg 2 marginalia]