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Moments of my time since my return!

And I have to thank her for dropping so

many bright pearls in my gloomy path

of life!


My previous letter which you received

by Miss. Annette gave you the incidents

of my visit home. – I need scarcely say

that no change in political feeling has

occurred since my return, and that

retrospection has the effect of making me

a better soldier every day. – I feel as

regards the situation as sanguine as

ever or rather as regards the prospect.

This information of Yankees being at

Old Church a short time since pained

me very much Oh! how I do sympathize

with you all! I can now appreciate your

position and feel that its horrors are not

to be described in mere words.


I sincerely hope you may escape further

annoyances from them.  Even though it

have to be at the expense of some part of

my own state. – I think you have already

Endured your full share, - and a respite

is just if nothing more.


When I again see you, I will give you

such of my experience touching this

subject as I think will interest you. –

I expect you to be well supplied with

sympathy etc. that I may not be robbed


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[follows pg 2 marginalia]

And the hope that I may soon see you. – with love to all who will allow it.

and a request to be told who was kind enough to appropriate it. I remain

             Sincerely Your friend

                       J  S  C