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of the feeling that I too have become

one of the worst sufferers by the way,

and "entre-nous" I have something else to

Communicate, - but as my curiosity will

not brook delay, I must know at once what means

all these strange rumors I hear about Miss

Bettie B. being engaged.  I had hoped

my friend reposed sufficient confidence in

me, to have intimated in some way, such

an event had it occured, but, as it has

not yet come from her Either Confirmatory

or contradictory.  I suppose I must believe

that she does not desire to take me into

such sacred confidence. – This is not all,

either, but, I just clear up such rumors

before I make any other communications.

By the way!  How has my little Mary thus

far impressed you? – Dont  you think her

one of the dearest, and sweetest and best

little angels in this world?  You ought

to for she has a scarcely less exulted opinion

of yourself. – She used to give quite eloquent

[whenever?] you were mentioned and often

pronounced you, such a creature as

[perhaps?] I knew better than she that you were.

Yes! Miss Bettie, you must love Mamie for

my sake if she does'nt recommend her-

-self otherwise, for, she is my dear Pet,

and I love her with a intensity almost

strange though not unnatural to myself -


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