John S. Capers, in Camp, 7th South Carolina Cavalry, to Bettie Braxton. 1865 April 1

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I have done all that I could to try and

get up to Ingleside. – My efforts have been

as honest, as earnest, - but the fates are

against me, and I must needs bear my

disappointment philosophically, if possible. –

And perhaps we will be ordered off too in a

few days.  Oh! how tantalizing, how cruel,

my fortune! – Well, if I can not get a

sight of so sweet a place, again, soon,

remembering the place it has in my heart,

how very dear, each one is to me, as friends

more I will not say! -


Speaking of Engagements, reminds me

of a very interesting [couple?] I saw to day ,

I had the pleasure of an introduction to

Dr G. – who interrupted Miss A & self in

midst of a most charming "tete a tete." -

Well! I like to see it.  I believe it to be

the most delectable state of existence and

in view of these facts, determine it advisa-

-ble to be placed in the same category. –

Now dear friend, assist me, wont you – can

you not help me, and tell me where I may

find some sweet charmer, who will take

compassion on my unfortunate loneliness and

condescend to soften some part of it by

bestowing her charms and favors where they

can be so heartily appreciated.  I promise to

abide by your decision and who ever you

suggest, shall be honored immediately with

my proposals!  But pardon my loquacity. [Continues on Pg 1 marginalia]