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surely this agony is more than I

can endure; but I must not.  I will

not murmur at the dispensations

of my Heavenly Father: "all is well

with my soldier boy" & shall I now,

when he is waiting to welcome me

to his happy home, leave the paths

of righteousness in which from

childhood, together we have tried

to walk? God, forbid! help me oh!

Father, to say "thy will be done."

Miss Bettie, love me! truly, fondly,

devotedly, for my heart is broken, &

did you not promise, my brother, to

love his Pet for his sake? then love

me & call me some sweet pet name,

won't you? & let me give you a dearer

name than Miss Bettie, what shall

it be: prudence bids me say nothing

more & I must obey its dictates for I