A. H. Capers, at Camden, South Carolina, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1865 November 13

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                           Camden S.C. Nov 13th 1865


My very dear young Friends


                           Feeling no ordinary degree of

attachment for you as the chosen Friend of my noble Son I

cannot feel that these lines will be unwelcome,  I would

thank your dear kind family for their attentions to

him, but oh! how feebly words express the feelings of the

heart, months & even years you helped him to pass time

that otherways would have dragged wearily, sadly on,

for he partook not of the amusements of camp life, found

little companionship there, being piously raised to ever

prefering the society of intelligent ladies to that of men.


In the bosom of your kind family he found a little

paradise, finding your dear Mother pious his heart

went out to her, Miss Virginia was captivating, but he

had not words to express the idea he wished to give his

Mother of Miss Bettie, she was his beau ideal of a perfect

woman & he would say "dear Ma when the war is

over I shall not be able to stay away from Va" dear

child 'tis even so, but not in the way he meant, he lies

nearer you than me, alone, alone, oh! that lone

grave by the road side, how it stands before me day

& night & my heart is in it, I too am passing away.