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The pride of our home has fallen, the comfort

of my life fled, sadly I must pass to my grave,

his place can never be filled, he was one out of a

thousand, such perfect devotion to his widow'd

Mother & Sisters is seldom equaled & I so often felt

he is too good for this world, no woman will be

blest with him for a companion, & God loved him

& took him, 'twas sudden; as far as we can learn

it was thus, they were about to be attacked & he was

sent by the Col to give orders to the artillery, had done

it, was returning & met a cavalry charge, alone

God only knows the rest, no friend was near & his last

hours must be unknown until we meet in bliss, then too we

can [bear?] the recital, the Col sent one of the company over the

lines after the surrender to make enquiries & was told by a

Yankee that his saw a fair young Officer dying as they came

down the road & as they returned he was dead; a search

was made, one grave found; opened, & a lock of hair

taken off, that & a memorandum book picked up

was all I received, in that book a note from you to

him, enquiring after his safety & a description of his

last visit home (no doubt from the date it was the last

he ever received or read) & a thrilling one it would have

been dear noble Son, his time spent in trying to defend