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faithful steed at the foot of the steps from

which he had thrown himself in haste to see if

we were really safe & then to look at the walls

in wonder as if to re-assure himself they were

still standing, (for the house next to us had

been set fire to & we about to leave it with a

corpse in it to be burnt when in answer to our

untied prayers the flames turned & swept down

Broad St turned the corner burning to our lot on

that St & stopping to commence on another

square) it was the work of a few moments to give

him food & so near fainting was he I held the

wine to his lips as a medicine, prepared a

bath, placed fresh clothes, gown & slippers, then

his boots & uniform sword, pistols &c were hid,

he abed, horse fed, & no help called, least he be

known to be there, a few hours rest & he come

from his room so disguised I scarce knew him

myself, walked out to view the town, strove to

cheer & comfort us & feigning cheerfulness he

left us for his post of duty, no doubt feeling

all was over & his spirit could illy brook what

followed just as his freed spirit winged its

way to rest.  We passed through a second raid

at the time of the surrender, half the men

were jet black negro's & roamed o'er the

town all night & yet our house was guarded by

angels (my Boy was then unknown to us in the

spirit land) we were spared much that others

suffered by Yankees & negros entering the house.