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A letter was written to Miss Annette Bassett by the

gentleman that visited the grave & reported to

the Col. asking her to let Mr Boyd in Richmond

know of it, & as we had no communication, to

beg the grave might be marked for us until

we can claim the precious dust, which lies on the

right hand side of the road going from Appomattox

C.H. to Campbell C.H. about a mile & three quarters or

two miles from the former place, at the foot of a

small oak about a foot in diameter, on which

he said he nailed a board as well as he could

with name & date in pencil mark.


As yet we have been unable to make satisfactory

arrangements, both of my Sons are seperated

from us here, one in Cola the other in Newberry

& both afflicted, one sick himself, the other has

been called to yield up two lovely children, one

was dead, the other just alive, when he wrote six

weeks since & the letters are sometimes weeks coming

& she had lain so many weeks with Typhoid fever

all hope had fled, & we count the dear little one in

the company of those who have passed from earth,

'its very sad to be so anxious about absent ones