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& denied the facilities we once enjoyed, no

cars run here at all, the road is torn up &

may not be put down, leaving us so out of

the world, Camden is slow to move, Columbia

where the legislature is now sitting is going

ahead but communication is difficult.


As we have heard nothing from Mr Boyd we

concluded the letters written since & at the time

of the surrender never reached their place of

destination.  Mr B. is a friend of our departed

one & has his trunk at his house I believe.


On the 17th of Sep I was presented with a little

grandson bearing the sweet name "Johnie Braxton"

it sounds quite familiar as your name has long been

a household word with us, it is the only child, how

pleased its Uncle would have been.


But one theme engrosses my thoughts & I can only

write on that one.  I did not think to write but a

few lines, yet feel you will be patient with my

grief 'tis no common grief, not every Mother

had such a Son to lose, but why dwell on it,

we can go to him & if I am not permitted to

meet you on earth we shall meet & know each

other in Heaven.  May God forever bless & keep