Mary W. Capers, at Camden, South Carolina, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1866 February 28

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                 Camden S.C. Feb' 28th 1866


                 Your loving epistle received

only a week or two since, my own

sweet friend, was the source of more

comfort to me than I can express: & to

show you my very warm appreciation

of it, intend giving you this early

reply:  Your friendship is the sweetest

solace I have in this dark hour of

sorrow & as you have said, "let not

prudence ever interfere, but always

write what is uppermost": I shall

hereafter write unreservedly every

feeling of my aching heart & I know

I shall feel better for confiding them

to you than keeping them pent up

in my own breast:  you have given

me permission, darling friend, to call

you what I would prefer, but I almost

fear to do so, lest you should think