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me too presumptious:  A Sister's place

you have long held in my affections &

oh! how earnestly I hoped that you

might one day be made thus near & dear

to me, for never in all my life before

had I seen or heard of one that I felt

I could be willing for my idolized

Brother to love more than he did his

"little Pet," but when he told me, first,

of your unceasing kindness to him,

(for well he knew that this would

be a sure key with which to open

my heart for your admittance) & then in

glowing terms, spoke of such a heart,

mind & soul as he thought no other

woman on earth possessed; 'twas then

(hard as the struggle was at first)

that I felt to call you Sister, I would

be willing to resign the choicest

place in his affections; never in his

life, had he breathed to any woman

one single vow of love; & I gloried in

the knowledge of it, for, as I before said,