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Sometimes a wilful tear would fall,

then with numberless kisses & pressing

me closely to his heart, he would

say, "my darling, can you think

I love you less because I have told

you what a dear friend Miss Bettie

is"?  So, Sweet Sister I erected bright

castles in the air, but they were

doomed to a cruel & sudden

destruction: true I should not have

built my hopes on such an un-

certain foundation, for in the first

place he had never determined in

his own mind whether his feelings

towards you were as deep as they

should be to the wife of his bosom:

he often told me that he felt towards

you as he had never felt before,

that he had a very peculiar feeling

whenever approaching Ingleside &

knowing that he would see you &

yet he would question, "is this love"?

I laughed at his incredulity, telling

him that he had lost his heart