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without knowing it, when he would

so sweetly assure me that I had it;

but I thought otherwise, for well do

I remember, soon after his return

home the last time, when we were

bidding each other good night & I

whispered in his ear, "dream of Sister

Bettie" how his eyes sparkled & the

pulsations of his heart quickened &

with a merry laugh he quickly asked

"what do you suppose Miss Bettie

would say to that, you little fairy"?

Ah! I never dreamed but what in

Miss Bettie's heart, there would have

been an echo to every vow of love

from him, or that she would

have refused to exchange her

palatial home in Virginia for

one far, far less luxurious in our

own loved Carolina: Sweet Sister I

had no earthly reason for thinking