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that you entertained other than

feelings of friendship for my fondly

loved Brother, but my wild idolatry

for him made me think that no

one could know him & not love

him: now my darling Sister, I have

been exceedingly candid & if I have

said aught to wound your sensitive

heart, forgive me, & remember that

I have only availed myself of your

permission to write just what I

feel & beg that you will fulfill your

promise to do the same:


Oh! that some kind fairy would

bestow on me the gift of eloquence

that I might thank you as I wish

for your last highly-prized & thrice

welcome letter; every word was full

of comfort & while perusing it such

a sweet calm stole over my

feelings I thought.


"With thy sweet friendship still to bless;

Where'er my steps are thrown,