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In earth's most desert loneliness,

I shall not be alone"


The 14th was a sad, sad day to me, it

seemed that one single mouthful

of food would have choked me & each

word I spoke quickened every pulse,

until by twilight both heart & brain

felt as if they were on fire: oh! how

I longed for a letter from you then

for I felt as if nothing else would

do me so much good: why is it Sister

Bettie that I can open my heart &

reveal its secret feelings to one whom

I have never seen? ah! there is a tie

that will bind my heart to your's as

long as life shall last & even had you

not found admittance there before, one

little word in your last letter would have

been a sure key to every portal: "Pet": oh! the

thousand memories that filled my

heart as I saw it: like sweet music

it fell from the lips of my Brother, &

you could have chosen no other name