Mary W. Capers, at Camden, South Carolina, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1866 February 28

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I would have liked as well: do you

know Sweet Sister, that you write

to me just as he did & address me by

the same pet names: Mamie,

Darling & Pet: oh! how sweet they all

are to me & how I love to think

that you have chosen them:


Should the happiness ever be mind

to meet her in whose keeping I have

now placed my broken heart, as with a kiss

& fond embrace we seal our compact

of love, I would wish that the first

words that fall on my ears from your

lips should be "my Pet": as the first

from mine shall be Sister Bettie (that

is, with your consent): Sister dearest,

the contents of this epistle are

whisperings for our ears alone: I will

tell you all about dear little Johnie

Braxton when I have seen him:

I have one of the photographs you so

kindly offer to send me:  Give love to

your dear Mother & Miss Virginia; also

to Miss Annette: tell her I think of

her often, very often: do, write soon:

Sweet Sister, every love & pray for

                            Your Pet