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but "Not yet, not yet, my span is not run;

I am still of earth, the goal unwon;

I must tread the path of the dreary tomb,

Must know of death, its pang & gloom;

ere he can welcome me to his home of

light: oh! tell me, tell me Sister dear

"is the love of earth, lost in the boundless

glory of the sky"? is 'he" less my Brother, or

does his Pet hold a weaker claim on his

heart, because "he" is a sainted spirit &

I still fettered by sin"!  The long-cherished

wish of our hearts has been realized & "his"

sacred dust now sleeps in our own

quiet grave-yard:  Brother Sidney accom-

plished the mission last month &

gathered all particulars : it was on

the morning of the 9th about 9 o'clock

that the messenger of death marked my

"Idol" as a martyr to his country's cause;

"he" had been sent to post a squadron

of cavalry, had attended to the duty &

was returning to head-quarters, when

a party of Yankee cavalry came charging