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down the opposite end of the road "he"

had just entered & instantly fired on

"him" : "his" wounds must have been

numerous, but we can ascertain nothing

certain in regard to any except the

one on "his" face, directly under the

eye; as soon as struck "he" dismounted

& walked to a tree, (near the road side,)

against which he leant for support,

till death released his weary spirit:

for four long hours he suffered, with

no one beside "him", but a Yankee

soldier, who was however, very kind

to "him," doing all that he could, by

giving "him" water & remaining with

"him" until he died, then wrapping

"him" in "his" blanket & burying "him"

where "he" lay : my darling Brother

of course would not reveal "his"

secret feelings to an enemy, so only

requested to be buried where he fell,

saying, that "we would soon send on

& have his body removed" : oh! Sister Bettie