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prevented my perusing it at all:

Darling Sister, "his" spirit must hover

near you & whisper just what is

most needed to comfort his Pet:

A life-time of devoted love shall repay

you for the place you have given me

in your heart & oh! how it gladdens one

to know, that my letters are a comfort

to you, for, believe me, I would most

willingly & cheerfully make any

sacrifice in the world, to promote

your happiness:  I cannot bear the

thought of your being sick, for I long to

have you all to myself then, to nurse

you for "Him", for I almost feel that,

that right, belongs exclusively to

me: please don't think your Pet (& "His")

so very, very selfish, Sister Bettie! but

I cannot help loving you so much,

& as I consider you so entirely his own,

I naturally feel that I have the best right