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to minister to your comfort : One favor

Sweet Sister I must ask! will you not

commit to my heart's sacred keeping, a

recital of our love for "Him" : from it's

very beginning to the present time & how,

when & where was the cruel blow that

had befallen us communicated to you?

I have been exceeding astonished to

hear that my Brother's love "has been

claimed for Miss Annette" : "he" always

spoke of her as one of his dearest & sweetest

friends, (& as such I have learned to love

her very dearly) but, I feel confident that

she knows, as well as I do, he entertained

no deeper feelings, than those of

friendship for her: that claim she has

in a very, very great degree, & no other friend

has a stronger (if as strong) than her own

sweet self:  I would like so much to know

her: does she ever speak of me?


I dreamt of you as my precious Brother's

darling wife & on a visit to our home:

I was standing in the door-way, watching