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you, both, as you stood on the porch: "He,"

(his face wreathed in smiles, & looking so happy)

with his arm around your shoulder &

you, with his hand clasped tightly in

your own & your cheek resting on it, as

you were looking up in his face & asking

some question, which "he" was so sweetly

answering: Oh, if the dream could only

have been realized, how much happier

I would now be! but God has willed it

otherwise & we must not murmur; I do

love you though, darling Sister, as devotedly

as if such had been the case, & am heart-

sick to see you:  I have all of your letters

to my precious Brother & your photograph

too, & would not part with them for

worlds : Let me know all that "He" told

you of my "soldier friend" : Do, please

Sister Bettie, burn my letters: will you

not grant this one little favor? to

                     Your own Pet