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for each letter received from you,

Bettie, darling Sister, makes you

dearer & dearer to my heart, but

me thinks, could I exchange, pen,

ink & paper, for a place by your

side, with my hand in your own,

my head, on your shoulder, & your

arm encircling me, I would be at

no loss for words to express my

feelings ; & yet dearest, sweetest,

best Sister, so sincere, so intense,

so sacred is the love I bear you,

I would e'en have to borrow from

the fairies some of their own na-

tive eloquence, in order to do justice

to the feelings ; believe you, this?

ah! doubt it now, if you can, but

at some future day when I stand

before you, with your hand's im-

prisoned in my own & pressed closely