Mary W. Capers, at Columbia, South Carolina, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1866 July 25

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            Columbia So, Ca, July 25th /66


What has my own precious Sister,

been thinking of her litter Pet, during

this long silence?  I will not go into

detail & tell you every little

circumstance that has heretofore

prevented the fulfillment of my

earnest desire to write, but deem it

sufficient to say that had I wafted

you my love through the mediums of

pen, ink & paper as often as sweet

thoughts of you were filling my heart,

you would long since have grown weary

of perusing my messages: forgive

me Sister, Darling, won't you, & believe


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one of your dear household,

& to Miss Annette: does she

ever speak of me?  I will

send the photograph as

you request, but please

when you write again

tell me that you have

destroyed all of my letters:

I could not consent to

send the likeness if I had

not another: Sweet Sister

one little favor to ask & I

am through, for I know

you must be tired of

the egotistical outburst, this

letter has proved to be:

will you not write me

on the 15th of August a sweet

birthday letter: just such

a one as I used to get

on that day from my own

precious Brother? Sister

Darling, how much do

you love?

               Your Pet