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that is was not done intentionally?

Could you have known the torturing

anxiety I endured during the lapse

of time between that reception of your

last letter & the one previous, it would

be useless for me now to express my

regret at not answering it sooner :

Sweet Sister, ever love me, or the broken

heart, you are now so sweetly healing,

will be driven to despair & made to

believe itself doomed to a life of misery:


                   I am once again in our

dearly loved Capital, whither I have come

for the purpose of recruiting my health,

but fear it will be in vain, for I have

already spent two weeks here & yet am

feeling completely exhausted, both

mentally & bodily : this extreme lassitude

though, is owing to my having to bid

"Good-bye" yesterday, to a very dear

friend : He has spoiled me so that I

scarcely know what to do with myself

& any unusual excitement now