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leaves me in a state of wretched

nervousness : I was earnestly solicited,

both by himself & family to return to

Charleston with him, but am almost

afraid to venture at this time of the

year; will go down later in the season

& try the efficacy of the sea-breeze, if I do

not improve here : Before proceeding

farther, let me rectify dear Sister a

mistake under which you are laboring :

there was no engagement existing

between "my friend" (Mr Darby) & myself:

Our families are connected, my Brother

having married his Sister & it was almost

impossible to be with him as often as

I was, seeing each day some new trait

of character to admire, & not love him:

"none knew him but to love him:

none named him, but to praise".

The friend referred to, who left yesterday

is His Brother, he has been with me for

almost two months & I miss him sadly:

reminds me very much both of my own