Mary W. Capers, at Columbia, South Carolina, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1866 July 25

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idolized Brother & his Brother too, so that sometimes

I feel almost frenzied when looking at

him:  You have a braver heart, Sister

mine, than I have for I have not yet

been able to peruse even one of my darling

Brother's letters: only once have I even

attempted it & then before finishing the

first page, I was in such a paroxysm

of anguish, I almost thought my reason

was leaving me.  The old familiar haunts

through which, two years ago we wandered

together in this our loved Capital, bring such

a host of recollections to my mind when

visited now, that I have almost made a

nun of myself since my visit here:  In

Heaven alone will rest be found & my heart

"spurns the precepts of meek Patience" & yearns

for the desired haven : how comforting to

me is the thought, that far away, a fondly

loved one often kneels before the throne of

grace, supplicating in my behalf, Dearest

Sister, continue your supplications, for I

have need of them all Love to each & every

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