Mary W. Capers, at Camden, South Carolina, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1866 September 13-1867 November 12

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                  Camden S. C. Sep 13th 1866


I have stolen off from the loved ones &

am once again seated in my own quiet

little sanctum for a communion of

thought with one whom my heart holds

among its nearest & dearest treasures :

If though, this epistle prove a very erratic

one, I must beg for it, a lenient eye,

for my thoughts will not allow them-

selves to be confined within the walls of

a room , while just outside I can hear

the merry laugh of our little Pet, Johnie

Braxton, & sweet prattle of his little Sister,

Mamie: Johnie is a bright, merry child;

his hair & eyes are inclined to be dark through

& I expect he will be the image of his

Father : his winning ways have so

completely won our hearts, that we will

miss him sadly & I fear it will be a long

time before we again see him, for Brother