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leaves in a few days for Memphis; a

place of residence, too far distant for us

to indulge the hope of seeing each other often.


                     Sweet Sister I am wan-

ting you so much this morning & being in

a meditative mood, have been wonder-

ing whether your imagination has not

drawn an ideal of me, that I am

nothing like & whether you will love me

as much after knowing me personally

as you now do! if our pleasant friend-

ship will be (as I shall strive very hard

to make it) one of life-long continuance!

__________ but I don't think it best to

indulge in such meditations, for they

fret me too much : I cannot even bear

the thought that I will see the time when

you will cease to cherish for me the

warm affection that I hope you now

feel & to give me proofs of it by the

sweet missives received from time to

time & from which I gather such

precious love-morsels : tell me Sister