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Darling that it shall never be & relieve my

heart of the painful burdensome thought.


      I love best to think of you when I am sitting in

the twilight shadows, & wrapping myself

in Fancy's veil, I am borne along on the

wings of some wayward zephyr to dear

old Virginia; sometimes watching you as

your fingers are gliding over the keys

of the melodeon & bringing forth softly

as if afraid that other ears should

catch the sound, some well remembered

tune around which memory has thrown

a halo of sacred love, because another

voice, now hushed in death, oft-joined

your's in singing it & doubtless praised

you for your performance : again, I am

wandering with you hand in hand,

thro' scenes of beauty that are almost

familiar to the eye, because of the

glowing descriptions of them so often

received from "His" pen & gently seating

you on some grassy mound, I have placed

myself at your feet & with your hands