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               Camden S. C. Nov 12th /67


       While the last sun beams were kissing house-

top & tree-top yesterday afternoon, I was engaged at

my favorite occupation, musing in the twilight

shadows, & I determined that the result of my

meditations should be a missive to you, my own

sweet Sister, for I long for the fondly cherished

words of love, that I so seldom get from you,

once again to cheer my heart : Dearest

Bettie, such a depth of tenderness & love is called

forth by a single thought of you, I sometimes

think I ought to check such a feeling but its

indulgence may cause me pain, in future,

for the intensify of my love for you causes me

to feel jealous of the slightest encroachment on

my place in your heart, & if you are silent for an

unusual length of time, I fancy, I am not in

your thoughts; that surrounding circumstances

have made you forget the little absent pet

Sister who longs daily for the loving words that

are such priceless gems to her & for the presence