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not remain here very much longer, for my Brothers

are both urging a change & we are in the state of un-

certainty, but Ma is unwilling to do aught that

would not meet with Grandma's approbation

& I don't think she will wish to leave Camden :

we will decide after her return from the North

& we are expecting her & my Sister also, who has

been spending the Summer in New Jersey, to-

morrow : I left Home, with the intention of

joining her there, after a visit for a few weeks

in Charleston : at least such was the under-

standing when she left me, but the dear old

"City by the Sea" had such a strong claim on

me I couldn't make up my mind to leave it

so soon & instead of three weeks, spent three

months there: I had a most delightful visit,

enjoyed every moment, but Ma thinks I am

not improved, that I am still looking to

pale : My friends all scolded me for

choosing Summer instead of Winter for my

visit, as the latter is the gay Season, but as

I do not indulge in dancing, I was quite

satisfied with the pleasure a Summer visit af-