Mary W. Capers, at Camden, South Carolina, to Elizabeth R. Braxton. 1867 January 1

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                  Camden S. C. Jan 1st 1867


    A happy New Year my own darling

Sister: The last rays of the departed year

were curtained from our view by a leaden

sky & the same sombre clouds have ush-

ered in the new, but the sun is trying

to give us a new year's greeting, so that

the morning rays are a little more cheer-

ing than the twilight gleamings of yes-

terday : The earth is clothed in a robe of

purity & who knows but that ere it

has accomplished its yearly number

of revolutions, it will indeed be "a new

earth", the abode of the innocent & holy?

Omniscience alone can answer, so it be-

hooves us to be in readiness, watching &

praying for tho' this world of ours may

bloom in verdure & beauty for ages to come,

it may be the last year to us :


The many reminiscences connected with

sixty-six have each a place in memory's