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casket & as they present themselves, "each

stamping its image as the other flies" we

reflect with pleasure or pain upon their

claims : its joys, its sorrows, it sunshine

& its showers are in the past & now we

wonder what has sixty-seven in store

for us! ah! we wonder & wonder & will

not trust a merciful Providence for

the future, while, timid creatures that

we are, could we, by simply putting

forth a hand, lift the veil of futurity,

we could not summon sufficient

courage from the act :  The star of

Hope shines brightly, as it points me

to a happiness that surely I am to

realize this year, a personal acquain-

tance with you, my precious Sister

& I pray that it may be so, for each

missive received, increases the intense

desire to know you: Oh! Bettie you know

not one half how much I love you &

indeed at times I am right jealous

of your love : this is so selfish in me.