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to want to claim so large a solace in

your heart, but I cannot help it dearest

Sister, for I feel as if you belong exclusive-

ly to me now & the idolatry I felt for

the Brother, "with whom my heart was

wont to share, from Reason's dawn,

each pleasure & each care" has caused

me to cherish, for One to whom he had

given such a place in his heart as

that I claim for you, an undying

affection & to throw around you sweet

Sister a halo of love that can never

fade : verily I do not believe that

in all this world, a human being

ever felt, even for the dearest object

of their heart's affection, the intense

love I felt for him from childhood's

earliest days & I cannot remember

the time when we were not "all in

all" to each other : You know all this

full well darling Bettie & me thinks

I cannot express my love for you in

stronger terms than by telling you that